Hello Radio Adventures Of Dr. Floyd Fans,


That’s really all I can say. The quick response to the news of Doug losing his house in the fire has just been awe inspiring. So much so that I’ve ended the drive for donations.

My goal was just to raise enough to get Doug through to until his insurance kicked in and thanks to you, the fans of the show, we’ve exceeded that point in just TWO DAYS!

The kindness and thoughtfulness of the Dr. Floyd community never fails to just completely floor me. Your donations will go directly to Doug and on his behalf I thank you!

The Special Edition episode has been sent out. If you bought the special episode and did NOT receive your e-mail, let us know!

If you missed donating and would still like to give, Doug asks that you consider a donation to the American Red Cross to help other fire victims.

Agian, thank you so much for your generosity.

Grant Baciocco
Dr. Floyd Co-Creator

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