(World’s Most Brilliant Scientist)

Meet Dr. Floyd, the world’s most brilliant scientist! Star of the T.V. & Radio! He has 27 PHDs and he grew up with famous people like Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud and Bob Dole (dorm roommates). Dr. Floyd’s most recent invention was a Time And Space Travel Device that when fitted into any vehicle, will allow it to travel through space and time!

(Dr. Floyd’s Young Protégé)
Meet Dr. Floyd’s young protégé Dr. Grant. Young but full of mischief, Dr. Grant is eager to learn everything he can from Dr. Floyd. He is someone to be counted on when the going gets rough. He can also be counted on to make jokes about Dr. Floyd’s small head.

(Dr. Floyd’s Faithful Robot Companion)
Meet C.H.I.P.S. It stands for: Cybernetic Holographic Integrated Power Squid (whatever that means). Not much is known about C.H.I.P.S.. Dr. Floyd and Dr. Grant met this plucky robot in space. C.H.I.P.S. is good at arithmetic, likes long moonlit walks on the beach and volleyball.
(Dr. Floyd’s Arch-Nemesis)
Evil Mastermind Dr. Steve is the arch nemesis of Dr. Floyd. Fed up with Dr. Floyd always using his brilliance for good and to help people learn, Dr. Steve would rather use it for his own personal gain. Dr. Steve will stop at nothing to achieve fortune and fame. He is one of the most villainous villains of all time. He’s also afraid of the dark.
(Dr. Steve’s Sock Shaped Assistant)
Fidgert is Dr. Steve’s sock shaped assistant. He’s good natured, friendly and some would say smarter than his employer. This begs the question: Why does he put up with Dr. Steve? Regardless, he’s always at Dr. Steve’s side. Though, usually, he just stands back and watches the Evil Mastermind’s plans backfire horribly.


Grant Baciocco
(Co-Creator, Head Writer, Dr. Grant, Dr. Steve, Fidgert, Narrator, Misc. Voices)

Grant Baciocco is one half of the creative force behind The Radio Adventures Of Dr. Floyd. Grant is also a professional touring comedy musician with his band Throwing Toasters, a part-time puppeteer ( who’s worked with The Muppets) and also does voice-over work on occasion. On the show he voices The Narrator, Fidgert, Dr. Steve and, of course, Dr. Grant.

Doug Price
(Co-Creator, Writer, Dr. Floyd, Ensign Tim Porary, Misc. Voices)

Doug lived in Florida and now lives in California. Before that though, he lived in California and before that he lived in Florida. Before he moved to Florida that time he lived in California. For years he’s worked in all facets of movie and television production both in front and behind the camera. Visit Doug’s IMDB page.



Jody Whitesides
(Music Composer)

In Season 3, with some interest from major radio outlets, we decided that we needed to start creating our own music for the show. There was only one Los Angeles based musician we could turn to for the job, Jody Whitesides. In addition to being and excellent guitar player and music producer, Jody was also the first non-signed artist on the iTunes Music Store. He’s released several CDs and is constantly working on his next one. Visit Jody at


Moira Quirk

When we decided to reveal C.H.I.P.S.’ secrets at the end of Season 4, we knew we had to bring in heavy hitter of a voice actress to play everyone’s favorite robot, so we got Moira Quirk. She’s done countless voiceovers for movies, video games and cartoon. Moira is probably most well known as Mo on the Nickelodeon show GUTS! Visit Moira’s personal website at:
Chuck McCann
(Benjamin Franklin, Dr. Floyd J. Floyd Sr.)

Talk about Hollywood Royalty and you’ve got to mention Chuck McCann. Even if you don’t recognize his face, you’ve heard his voice. He was Duckworth The Butler on Duck Tales, Leatherneck on G.I. Joe, Pinky & Blinky on Pac-Man, Ben Grimm/The Thing on Fantastic Four: The Animated Series and Eggbert on Animaniacs. Chuck also starred in Sid & Marty Kroft’s Far Out Space Nuts with Bob Denver. This list only scratches the surface of what Chuck has done. Check out Chuck’s IMDB page for a complete list.

Chuck’s IMDB Page

Leslie Carrara-Rudolph
(Mrs. Floyd, Martha Washington)

It was an honor to have Leslie Carrara-Rudolph come in and provide the voice of Mrs. Floyd starting in Episode #301. Leslie is a master Puppeteer who currently portrays Abby Caddaby on SESAME STREET. She was also Spamela Hamderson on MUPPETS TONGIHT, Edi on ANIMAL JAM and Blue for Nickelodeon’s BLUE’S ROOM. She’s also provided voice-overs for several TV Shows and video games like RATCHET & CLANK: UP YOUR ARSENAL where she played Commander Sasha. Leslie brought her unique brand of Joy to Dr. Floyd and we can’t wait to work with her again! Visit Leslie at
Frank Conniff

What can we say about Frank Conniff? He’s a legend. Performer and writer on the cult series MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 he is loved by millions as the sweet lovin, TV’s Frank. Frank also worked on SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH and INVADER ZIM. Currently living in Hollywood, Frank is currently working on several projects for TV and can often be found doing Stand-Up around the Los Angeles area. Frank now holds the record for most celebrity appearances on our show and for that we will forever be in his servitude. Visit Frank at – Cartoon Dump is a great show but the material is not suitable for all audiences.

Christina Pazsitzky
(Cousin Oliver, Herself)

Star of MTV’s ROAD RULES Season 6, Christina was the perfect fit to play Cousin Oliver in Episode #309 & 310 and was talented enough to even play herself in episode #310! Besides Road Rules, Christina starred as the voice of Stewart in the Animated Show IGGY COOL . Christina can be found at: – Please be advised that some content on this site may not be suitable for all ages.


Stan Freberg
(Sherlock Holmes)

Stan Freberg is a legendary satirist, comedian and voiceover actor and it’s probably safe to say that if it wasn’t for Stan Freberg’s History Of The United States Of America, there probably would not be The Radio Adventures Of Dr. Floyd. Our show is heavily influenced by his amazing take on the history of our country. It was such an honor to have Stan appear on our show during Season 7 as the World’s Most Brilliant Detective, Sherlock Holmes! It’s an privilege we won’t soon forget.
Joel Hodgson

It was an amazing honor to work with one of the people who was a tremendous influence on this show. Joel Hodgson is the creator and star of the hit tv show MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000. His innovative approach to everything is a constant inspiration and we continue to pinch ourselves to make sure that we weren’t dreaming and Joel really did do a voice for us! THANK YOU JOEL! Check out Joel’s new project Cinematic Titanic

June Foray
(Susan B. Anthony)

Wow. June Foray. She’s a living legend of voiceover work. This page is not big enough to list all her credits but let’s see if we can squeeze in a few: Rocky The Flying Squirrel and Natasha Fatale on Rocky & Bullwinkle, Jokey Smurf on The Smurfs, Granny on Sylvester & Tweety, Witch Hazel on Looney Tunes, Cindy Lou Who in How The Grinch Stole Christmas, Lucifer The Cat in Disney’s Cinderella, Grandmother Fa in Disney’s Mulan, Nell Fenwick on Dudley Do Right, Ursula on George Of The Jungle…whew! That’s just a few of them too. Oh, and she played Susan B. Anthony On our show. THANK YOU June for being on our show! Help us thank her by checking out her book Perverse, Adverse And Rottenverse.

Jeffrey Tambor
(George Washington)

Jeffrey Tambor has been involved in just about every form of media there is. He has starred in movies (SpongeBob Squarepants The Movie, Hellboy and our favorite Radioland Murders) he’s starred on both network and cable TV (Arrested Development, The Larry Sanders Show and The Muppets Wizard Of Oz) and theater (Sly Fox, Measure For Measure and Flea In Her Ear). Now, Jeffrey makes his Podcast debut on our show playing George Washington in episodes #407 & 408! It was an honor to have Jeffrey lend his voice to our project. Check out Jeffrey’s IMDB Page to see the FULL list of things he’s done!
Dr. Demento

Legendary comedy music DJ, and real life doctor, Dr. Demento is partially responsible for us doing this silly little show! You see it was Dr. Demento who first introduced us to Stan Freberg who is a major influence on the show. So it was only natural we ask the good Doctor to play history’s first Doctor! For over 30 years he’s produced the Nationally Syndicated Dr. Demento Show which is two hours of ‘mad music and crazy comedy.’ Dr. Demento was the one to discover "Weird Al" Yankovic, the biggest selling comedy musician of all time. Dr. Demento add The Radio Adventures Of Dr. Floyd to his resume along with the movie UHF and a guest spot as himself on The SImpsons. Learn more about Dr. Demento and listen to his show online at
Chris Hardwick
(Alexander Hamilton)

You may recognize Chris Hardwick as the host of MTV’s Singled Out. He was also the host of Shipmates. You may know his voice as that of Glowface on The X’s or recognize him from movies such as House Of 1,000 Corpses. Or perhaps you know him from his music with Hard & Phirm. Wherever you know him from, you can hear him as Alexander Hamilton in episode #407 of our show! Much thanks to Chris for being part of our silly little radio show!

Maria Bamford
(Amelia Earhart, The Waitress)

Maria Bamford is truly a class act in the world of entertainment. She’s a hilarious comedian who starred in both the movie
and TV series called THE COMEDIANS OF COMEDY. She’s ahad parts in such things as STUART LITTLE 2, CATDOG, HEY ARNOLD!, HOME MOVIES and TOM GOES TO THE MAYOR to name just a few! She is a super talented voice actress and we were SUPER lucky to have her come be part of our show! We even got to meet Blossom, her pug! Visit Maria (and Blossom) at:

Rick Overton
(H.G. Wells, Orson Welles)

It was a HUGE honor to have Rick Overton appear as both H.G. Wells and Orson Welles in Episode #308! Who’s Rick Overton? Seen GROUNDHOG DAY? Seen WILLOW? Seen THE WEIRD AL SHOW? Seen ANY Media in the last 30 years? A stand-up comic and actor for over 30 years, Rick has appeared in over 80 films (IMBD), on all the major talk shows, numerous cable comedy specials and has won an Emmy for his writing on HBO’s Dennis Miller Live. Visit Rick at:

Colleen Smith
(Jo March)

Colleen Smith is a tremendously gifted improviser and actress. She’s a roundlings Sunday Company alum and currently teaches improv at the Groundlings school. She is a correspondent on “The Showbiz Show with David Spade”. Her other television credits include THE OFFICE, WORLD CUP OF COMEDY and KING OF THE HILL. She is also a member of the Jim Henson Company’s Puppet Up Uncensored. Check out all of Colleen’s various acting accomplishments at here IMDB page:

John Kennedy
(Keel Haul Kevin)

John Kennedy is a great friend of the show and one of the nicest guys you will even meet! He is an amazing puppeteer and has worked on a ton of puppet projects including DINOSAURS, SESAME STREET, MUPPETS TONIGHT, MUPPETS FROM SPACE, and THE COUNTRY BEARS. His most recent credit is playing the drum savvy pooch Mel the Dog for Noggin’s JACK’S BIG MUSIC SHOW. He’s also released two amazing puppet books that are MUST READS for anyone interested in the artform. Visit John at his website

Kira Soltanovitch
(Annie Oakley)

Kira Soltonovitch is not only incredibly beautiful, she’s one of the funniest ladies we know! Grant worked with her on the animated show IGGY COOL and knew we just had to bring her in to do a voice! You can see Kira on the Oxygen Channel TV Show GIRLS BEHAVING BADLY!
Visit Kira often at her website:

Ron Lynch
(King Schwarzchild)

If you are an avid watcher of Cartoon Network’s ADULT SWIM, you’ve heard Ron Lynch’s voice before. He portrayed Mr. Lynch in HOME MOVIES and is a City Council Member on TOM GOES TO THE MAYOR. Ron is also the co-creator of the hilarious live show called The Idiots which is a MUST SEE! After admiring Ron’s voice-over work for years, it was awesome to have him in the studio doing the voice of King Schwarzchild in Episodes #401 & 402!

Elizabeth Penn Payne
(The Ghost Of Learning Past, Various)

Elizabeth set the bar for high caliber actors on the RADIO ADVENTURES OF DR. FLOYD. If you think she looks familiar, that’s because you’ve seen her. No really you have. Fan of UGLY BETTY? She’s on that show! Watch ALIAS? She plays Carolyn. Seen the film MINORITY REPORT? She was in it. How about THE DREW CAREY SHOW, MEDIUM, MALCOM IN THE MIDDLE or BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER? She was in all those too and we got her on The Radio Adventures Of Dr. Floyd! Check out what else she’s done at her IMDB Page!

Dan Klass
(Dr. Daniel Klass)

In the world of Podcasting, you don’t get much more a veteran than Dan Klass. He’s been there since the start and even wrote a book about the art form called Podcast Solutions. His show The Bitterest Pill is one of the most popular podcasts of all time. He’s a actor who’s been on The X-Files, Touched By An Angel and Party Of Five. He’s also been in numerous commercials and is just an all around swell guy! We were honored he agreed to portray Dr. Steve’s Dentist in episode #406. Check out his website at:


Hudson is the charming young co-host of the popular podcast called The Bitterest Pill. He is one of the most articulate young people you’ll ever talk to and is also the master of coming up with new words. Can you say "Helibut?" Hudson loves animals and movies. There is no greater character we could have had him play, than himself in episode #406. Visit him (and his dad Dan) at

Maynard Smith
(The Creepy Narrator, The Stranger)

We met Maynard when we worked at Disneyland. He was always entertaining us with the seemingly endless number of voices that he could do. So when we needed a really great ‘creepy’ narrator for our NINJA ZOMBIE and DR. STEVULA episodes, we knew just who to call. Maynard also played The Stranger in our very first live show ever! Maynard is a professional voiceover artist (you can listen to his demo here. While on vacation in Southern California, you may just bump into Maynard portraying various character roles at theme parks and animal parks in the area. It’s always great fun working with maynard! Be sure to visit his very family friendly website at:

Cecil Castellucci
(Susan B. Anthony Supporter)

Cecil is a powerhouse! She’s a writer a director, musician, comic book author and the list goes on and on and on! We were glad to have Cecil provide us with a voice in our Susan B. Anthony episodes! Cecil has authored two books for young adults (please be aware that does NOT mean kids, that means high school age fans). Check out BOY PROOF and THE QUEEN OF COOL! Visit Cecil at her website:

Danforth France
(‘Jump The Shark’ Tim Porary)

Multi Talented Danforth France is a actor, comedian, voice-over artist, and artist! He can be seen in an IBM Commercial, heard in the Animated Show IGGY COOL and experienced in the Pretty Okay Ho-Hum Spectacular On Ice!
Visit Danforth at:
(and please drink responsibly.)
Caroline Ryder
(Princess Ori, Mall Employee)

The beautiful Caroline Ryder is a freelance journalist who was working on a story about Podcasting for the LA WEEKLY (that never came out). When she contacted us about interviewing us for the story (that never came out), we instantly enlisted her and her awesome accent to portray Princess Ori in #402. She also played the Mall Employee in the "Night Before Floyd" episode.

Deven Green & Joel Bryant
(Cleopatra & Marc Antony)

Deven Green & Joel Bryant are better known as the improv group the Composte Comedy Heap. They are hilariously funny and super talented. They are also good friends, so it was only natural that we ask them in to play roles on the show! Because they are a real life couple we thought it only fitting if they played Cleopatra & Mark Anthony in Episodes #211 & 212! Visit them & their kitten WHEN at

A mere week after recording their lines for the show, Joel proposed to Deven and she said yes! Who says our show isn’t a positive influence.

Michael Rayner
(Messenger, Dr. Worm, Purser)

Michael Rayner is a tremendously talented guy! He just happened to be traveling with Grant during the recording of Episodes #203 & 204, so Grant asked him to do a voiceover for the role of The Messenger. Michael then returned to lend his voice as the alien sympathizing Dr. Worm in Episodes #313 & #401.
You can visit him at

Ryan Smith
(Al Capone)

We needed someone really good at voiceover work and really tough to play the part of Al Capone in Episodes #105, 106 & 107. We thought we’d have to look far and wide, but only had to look as far as across the pool from the studio! Ryan Smith is a super funny actor and can be seen on the PAX Channel with his group The 3 Man Group. Check them out at:
the great Luke Ski
(P.T. Barnum, Himself)

One of Demented Rap’s Living Legends, the great Luke Ski holds the record for back-to-back #1 songs for the year on the Dr. Demento Radio Show! We were honored to have him record the role of the World’s Greatest Self-Promoter, P.T. Barnum in episodes #304, 305 & 306.  Visit Luke at his website:

Chris & Timm Waffle
(The Wright Brothers)

We felt it was only fair to use real live, actual brothers to play the part of Wilbur & Orville Wright in Episodes #109 & 110. Chris & Timm Waffle gladly stepped up to the plate and the result was comic genius! Check out the Waffle Brothers and their comedy act, Hot Waffles at

Carla Ulbrich
(Molly Pitcher)

When we first began doing this show we knew we just HAD to have our good friend, the very talented Carla Ulbrich, do a voice. She knocked us dead with her performance in Episodes #201 & 202 as the rough and tumble Molly Pitcher! Check out Carla’s songs at
Rob Paravonian
(Johann Pachelbel)

From the inception of the radio show, we knew Rob should do a voiceover for us. It then became only natural that we write about an episode based on the idea of his song "PACHELBEL" with him playing the famous composer Johann Pachelbel in Episodes #203 & 204. Visit Rob at
"Whimsical" Will SImpson
(Skipper Don "Skip" Chapman)

"Whimsical" Will Simpson has been doing the Demented News on the Nationally Syndicated Dr. Demento Radio Show since 1987. He also studied with legendary voiceover artist Daws Butler. We’ve been big fans of Will for a long time and it was a major coup to get him to come do our show! We met Will while working at Disneyland and thought it fitting that we have him play the Jungle Boat Skipper in episodes #208 & 209. You can find out more about Will at

Mike Hollingsworth
(StaWa The Native, Alley Cat, Dr. Doctor, Gilbert Sullivan)

Mike Hollingsworth has been a good friend for a long time. Too long, some would say, but we love him anyway. He’s a talented artist, a funny comic and after searching for a good role for him to do a voiceover for, we had him come in and play StaWa The Native in Episodes #209 & 210. Mike also played the Alley Cat in Episode #306. Mike also did a convincing job as Dr. Doctor in episode #309. He’s the Head Graphic Artist For The Radio Adventures Of Dr. Floyd. You can visit Mike at his site

He was also in the army.*

*Not really.

Barbara Holliday
(Cleopatra’s Maid Of Honor)

Barbara Holliday is a woman who has a seemingly large supply of energy. She is a Manager, Comedian, Business Woman and Game Show Contestant. She’s also a good friend and it was a pleasure to have her come in and play the part of Cleopatra’s Maid Of Honor in episode #212. Find out more about Barbara at
Jeff Smith & Matthew Dunn
(Lewis & Clark)

Raymond & Scum are one of the hottest acts in comedy music today.  The band, really Jeff Smith and Matthew Dunn, have received tons of airplay on the Dr. Demento Radio Show. It was only natural to have this famous duo play the famous duo of Lewis & Clark in Episodes #303 and 304!  You can find out more about Raymond & Scum at their website
Alyssa, Taylor, Jared & Alec
(Various Kids)

In Episodes #304 & 306 we were honored to have an amazing group of real child actors perform the roles of kids in the show. The very talented Alyssa D. played the street smart kid in Episode #304. You may recognize her from her role as Mrs. Gloop in Charlie & The Chocolate Factory in local MA Theater. Taylor D & Jared D. played the parts of the kids checking out Dr. Floyd’s Small head in Episode #306. All three of these kids were featured in the music video SkrewU by Throwing Toasters! They also played the kids that Dr. Floyd read The Night Before Christmas to.

Happy Steve
(Frank Butler)

Happy Steve is the first of a stable of fine voice actors who will be providing us with voices from time to time here on the Radio Adventures Of Dr. Floyd. Steve is a HUGE Weird Al fan and you can delve into his devotion at:

(Mr. Beardychins)

When the role of Mr. Beardychins, Mrs. Floyd’s Pomeranian Puppy, first came to be, starting in Episode #301, we knew there was only one person to play the part. That person was Murph, who is an honest to goodness Pomeranian! You may recognize Murph from her reality tv appearances or her internet modeling for Chow Bella Pet Spa. Murph enjoys quiet places and chewing on her paw.

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