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The History Of The Radio Adventures Of Dr. Floyd

Dr. Floyd is the creation of two friends, Grant Baciocco and Doug Price. The two met in 1993 while working at Disneyland in California. They hit it off immediately. Grant was a theater major at Long Beach State and Doug was held a film degree. Both loved the idea of creating good films and videos for kids that would be fun for adults. The two always made sure their summer work schedules were the same so they could write and work on their ideas, the first of which was an animated short about a family’s adventure in a theme park.

In 1996, Grant moved to Northern California, but the two kept in close contact via e-mail. Grant had an idea for a Public Access Educational TV Show. Though he wrote a script for the pilot, called Broccoli, it was never produced.

In 1998, Grant returned to Southern California and once again he and Doug worked on projects together. Grant showed Doug his script. Doug took the script and added to it. The end result was DOUGG AND GRANT’S WONDERWORLD DISCOVERY SPACE SHOW. It was in this show the characters of Dr. Floyd, Dr. Grant, Dr. Doug, C.H.I.P.S., Dr. Steve and Fidgert came to be. The first show was all about, Broccoli.

The two produced two episodes of the show and they were shown around Southern California’s Public Access Network. The cost for editing became too much and the two had to stop because of financial reasons. This was before the abundance of affordable personal computer editing equipment. In 2000, Doug moved to Florida.

Dr. Floyd always lived on in the minds of Doug and Grant though. In the Spring of 2004, Grant got the idea of doing a Dr. Floyd radio show in the style of those "glory days of radio" serials. Something that would be fun for kids and adults to listen to and maybe throw in a little education now and then. The Radio Adventures Of Dr. Floyd were born when Episode #101 was aired on April 5, 2004.

Shows are usually written Tuesday through Thursday via back and forth e-mails of the script. Doug records his voices in Florida, by Friday and sends them as mp3s to Grant. Saturdays and Sundays are spent assembling the shows using GarageBand on an Apple G4 Power Mac. The shows are then aired on Mondays on Grant’s Dementia Radio Show FILL IN THE BLANK which broadcasts over the internet.

In November of 2004, thanks to the loyal support the show’s listeners, this site was launched on a web server big enough so that past episodes could be downloaded by fans. A Podcast was also set up so people could get show delivered directly to their computer.

Who knows what the future holds for Doug, Grant or Dr. Floyd? This is the place to find out.


Doug and Grant would like to thank the following folks who believed in Dr. Floyd from the very beginning: Kristi Ohler, Tim Winslow, Wayne ‘WildCard’ Garmil, Thomas Reed, E Jeff Einowski, David Posin, Matthew Ross, Lynn Eades, Jeff Reuter, Clinton Ansaldo, Margueritte Williams and Suzie & Murph Chiasson.

We’d also like to thank all of our loyal listeners, without whom we’d just be making these shows for ourselves.

This Site Is Dedicated To The Memory Of
Jamie Levine

She Was, And Always Will Be, The Original C.H.I.P.S.


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