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The Radio Adventures Of Dr. Floyd is a true labor of love. Even though from time to time we do have sponsors, those are usually just on a show by show basis. There are no big corporate sponsors or entertainment monoliths that bring you Dr. Floyd. It’s truly an ‘independent’ production.

If you enjoy the show and appreciate the free, family friendly content we produce, please consider supporting the show by doing, even just one, of the things below.

  • Listen to the show. Seriously, it’s just nice to know there’s someone out there listening.
  • Tell a friend about the show.
  • Burn a CD of our Sample Episodes and give them to someone you think would enjoy the show. Be sure to write our website on the CD so your friend knows where to go to get more.
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  • Pick up some goodies in the Official Dr. Floyd Mercantile! (Mercantile is just a fancy word for store!)

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