The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd is the internet’s longest running, professionally produced, family friendly podcast! Though the show was broadcast over the internet in April of 2004, it wasn’t until the advent of Podcasting that the show took on the status it now enjoys.

The Radio Adventures Of Dr. Floyd has steadily built listenership with wacky tales of the World’s Most Brilliant Scientist, Dr. Floyd, as he races through history, hot on the heels of his arch nemesis, Dr. Steve. The show is breaking ground in the world of family entertainment and is in development as a TV Show and Feature Film.

The Radio Adventures Of Dr. Floyd is a weekly, 5 minute, family friendly show that combines the fast paced, episodic hilarity of Rocky & Bullwinkle and the imagination inducing power of “old time” radio. It’s Stan Freberg, Jay Ward, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Prarie Home Companion, and Sesame Street all rolled into one!

parsec_seal_2007-winner parsec_seal_2009-winner

The show holds the distinction of being the only independent podcast in the entertainment section of Tivo’s Podcaster Service directory and has been featured in the iTunes Music Store and SPIN Magazine. In 2006, the show won a Parsec Award for excellence in Sci-Fi Podcasting and a Podcast Peer Award in the Best Family Friendly Show category. In 2007, the show won another Podcast Peer award, this time for Best Fiction Podcast.



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