EPISODE #710 “Holmes Alone!”

STARRING: The Legendary Stan Freberg & a special surprise cameo appearance by another super secret legend!

In This Episode…

Dr. Floyd, posing as Dr. Watson, accompanies Sherlock Holmes to the top of Reichenbach Falls where, it turns out, Dr. Steve, posing as Professor Moriarty is lying in wait! And talk about a cliffhanger ending!

EPISODE TITLE: “Holmes Alone!”
WRITTEN BY: Grant Baciocco
RECORDED AT: Dr. Floyd Studios, Burbank, CA


  • Mr. Narrator – Himself
  • Dr. Floyd – Himself
  • Dr. Steve – Himself


  • Sherlock Holmes – Stan Freberg
  • Special Cameo – ??? – Listen to find out who it is! We’ll reveal it later!


  • Messenger – Grant Baciocco

MUSIC BY: Jody Whitesides

VOICEMAIL LINE: (818) 332-3053 – Please get your parent’s permission before calling!

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