Dr. Grant’s Joke Jamboree #013 – (818) 332-3053

Dr. Grant is back with another batch of jokes, including a Joke Jamboree first!

Joke for the Punchline in the Secret Message at the end of this episode:

What happens when a Frog’s car breaks down?


One Response to “Dr. Grant’s Joke Jamboree #013 – (818) 332-3053”

  1. Andy says:

    The Japanese joke I told was “Why didn’t the alien want to eat? Because he didn’t have any air/appetite.” air and appetite are synonyms in Japanese so it is a bad pun. Thanks for the show, Hana loves and and is desperately trying to think of a new joke to call in. As English is still a little difficult for her, I am really enjoying the fact that she wants to try using English to call you. Keep up the excellent work.