The Mr. Beardychins Backyard Adventure Theatre – EPISODE #001 “Mr. Beardychins In Space!”

The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd Proudly Presents: The Mr. Beardychins Backyard Adventure Theatre! What does Mr. Beardychins do in the backyard all day? Find out in the first episode of this brand new spin off series! Starring Leslie Carrara Rudolph as Mrs. Floyd!

EPISODE TITLE: “Mr. Beardychins In Space!”
WRITTEN BY: Grant Baciocco
RECORDED AT: Dr. Floyd Studios, Burbank, CA


MUSIC BY: Jody Whitesides

VOICEMAIL LINE: (818) 332-3053 – Please get your parent’s permission before calling!

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4 Responses to “The Mr. Beardychins Backyard Adventure Theatre – EPISODE #001 “Mr. Beardychins In Space!””

  1. Robyn says:

    This is awesome: short, sweet, and totally fun. More Mr. Beardychins adventures, please!

  2. says:

    Robyn- Glad you liked it! There will FOR SURE be more Mr. Beadychins Adventures in the future! We already have another one written so you won’t have to wait too long. Thanks again!

  3. zachary says:

    Mr.Beardychins rules

  4. Steve says:

    You can develop a story arc for this series that eventually includes the ability for Mr. Beardychins to speak dialogue…perhaps he eats a special “treat” or food while on Planet X that gives him enhanced linguistic ability? or his visitor friends from outer space come up with a universal translator nanite injection? or someone’s brain wave headset is put on Mr. Beardychins and magic things happen when Mr. Beardychins can remote control things with his brain wave headset!