EPISODE #V022 “Letters To Dr. Steve! #001”

We are quite saddened to announce the debut of a brand new show with Evil Mastermind Dr. Steve. Luckily Fidgert’s in it too so it doesn’t make it THAT unwatchable! This episode’s letter comes from Jessica in California! Send your own letter to Dr. Steve at the address below!

Dr. Steve & Fidgert
P.O. Box 2764
Toluca Lake, CA 91610

2 Responses to “EPISODE #V022 “Letters To Dr. Steve! #001””

  1. Robyn says:

    Oh, that was so much fun! I really got that old kids’ show vibe… though I started having flashbacks of my letters never getting read on Beakman’s World… adults can write in to Dr. Steve, too, right?

  2. DoctorFloyd.com says:

    Robyn- Of course they can! Dr. Steve’ ego is such he accepts letters from anyone no matter what age! Hr just likes getting mail! Thanks!