EPISODE #V021 “Best Friends!”

Here it is! The new Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd short called BEST FRIENDS! Even the very best of friends sometimes have a falling out! Find out what happens in this hilarious new 5 minute short!

Special congratulations to Jacob C. for having his Bedroom chosen as Dr. Grant’s Bedroom! Thanks to all who entered the contest! Your rooms were awesome, but sadly we could only pick one winner!

7 Responses to “EPISODE #V021 “Best Friends!””

  1. Gabriel Zeller says:

    Not sure if it’s my version of iTunes or not, but this video freezes about halfway through on both my iPod and in iTunes. I was able to watch it by streaming it in a web browser.

  2. DoctorFloyd.com says:

    Yes, the first version of the file that went out was incomplete. You should re-download the file and it’ll work. Dr. Steve gummed up the works again!

  3. Steve Gershik says:


  4. Arkle says:

    Amway? Wow, he truly is evil!

    P.S. Benjamin Orr’s voice for the win. 😉

  5. Hannah says:

    It was really funny. You should use Dr. Steve in more shows. He should have a room that looks like MINE! since I already sent it!!


  6. Gail S Waimon says:

    I am Jacob C.’s (the bedroom) Grandmother/Nana. I loved this morning’s scary/ friendly/not so friendly episode, but the BEST was seeing Jacob’s cool BEDROOM amid all that crying. Three cheers for Jacob!

  7. Robyn says:

    Loved the video – you had me crying along with Dr. Grant (of course, I was laughing; awesome use of The Cars)!

    Also nice to see Dr. Steve after so long, and Dr. Floyd’s new look!

    Great job, and as always, I’m anxious for more.

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