Dr. Floyd In Consideration For A Grammy Nomination!

Yes! The rumors are true! Our album THE RADIO ADVENTURES OF DR. FLOYD – THE COMPLETE SEASON 5 is currently under consideration for a Grammy Award nomination! Read all about it in the press release below!

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Burbank, CA, October 27, 2008 – The longest running, professionally produced, audio drama podcast, The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd has just become the first podcast to be considered for a Grammy Award Nomination from the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences.

The show, which features the time traveling adventures of the World’s Most Brilliant Scientist, Dr. Floyd, and his battles with his arch nemesis, Dr. Steve, has been entertaining families across the globe since it began in 2004. Distributed on the internet for free via podcasting the show combines witty dialogue and hilarious action with just a hint of education that makes it a favorite of children and parents alike.

The nominated album, THE RADIO ADVENTURES OF DR. FLOYD – THE COMPLETE SEASON 5, chronicles the cast’s adventures in time including a stop at the first Thanksgiving and encounters with historical figures such as Susan B. Anthony, Amelia Earhart and Nikola Tesla. The two disc set also includes special celebrity voice talent from June Foray (Rocky & Bullwinkle), Chuck McCann (Boston Legal), Frank Conniff (Mystery Science Theater 3000), Leslie Carrara-Rudolph (Sesame Street) and John Billingsley (True Blood) to name just a few. The album also features a score by Jody Whitesides who composes and performs the music for the show.

“We couldn’t be more flattered and excited” says show co-creator Grant Baciocco. “To think that this little goofy ‘old time radio show’ we started in the living room of my apartment is now in the running to win a Grammy is just mind blowing.” Fellow co-creator, Douglas Price adds “I think it’s a testament to the true independent spirit. We’re just two guys who do some funny voices into a microphone and now to be considered on a worldwide stage like the Grammys is proof that hard work pays off.”

The show has only cleared the first hurdle in the process and has yet to clinch the Grammy nomination. “Now it’s up to the voting members of the Academy,” says Baciocco, “but we’re hopeful they’ll see the magic in the show like so many others have since we started in 2004.” Both Baciocco and Price are encouraging all voting members of the Academy to take a listen to all of the season five episodes for free at the shows website – http://www.doctorfloyd.com/category/archive/audio/season-5/

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About The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd
Called “A Prairie Home Companion for kids” by the Los Angeles Times, The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd is a weekly, family friendly show that combines the fast paced, episodic hilarity of Rocky & Bullwinkle and the imagination inducing power of old time radio. The show holds the distinction of being the only independent podcast in the entertainment section of Tivo’s Podcaster Service directory and has been featured in the iTunes Music Store and SPIN Magazine. The show has won three Parsec Awards for excellence in Sci-Fi Podcasting and 4 Podcast Peer Awards for Best Family Friendly Show and Best Fiction Podcast. The Radio Adventures Of Dr. Floyd receives an average of over 65,000 downloads a month. http://www.DoctorFloyd.com

About Grant Baciocco
Grant Baciocco is a writer, actor, comedian and puppeteer who’s constantly at work in many different areas of entertainment. He is the head writer and co-creator of the popular podcast The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd on which he also voices several of the show’s characters. His comedy music act Throwing Toasters has been featured on the Dr. Demento Radio Show and has toured colleges and clubs across the United States including opening for “Weird Al” Yankovic in 2007 and playing a sold out show at the Tokyo Dome in Japan in 2003. Along with writing, performing and producing his own projects, he’s also the producer and host of the Henson.com Podcast, the official podcast of the Jim Henson Company and he is a member of their Puppet Up Uncensored puppet improv troupe. The best selling guide PODCSTING FOR DUMMIES named Grant one of the top ten most influential people in podcasting because of his groundbreaking work in the medium. http://www.MrGrant.com

About Douglas Price
Doug Price is a producer, writer, actor, animator, and voiceover artist. Currently, he can be heard as the voice of Dr. Floyd in the popular podcast The Radio Adventures of Doctor Floyd. Doug has appeared as an actor in movies, T.V. shows, and commercials, and is a member of the Screen Actors Guild. His credits include King of Queens, Baywatch, and The Bodyguard.

About Jody Whitesides
Music that will make your soul happy…that’s the essence of Jody Whitesides’ infectious sound. He has several albums under his belt and a new one in the works. He also creates the musical cues for The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd and Fox Sports. With so many irons in the fire it’s easy to see and hear why Jody Whitesides was the first unsigned artist available for sale on iTunes and nominee for Best Band of the Year by APCA. His current release Practical Insanity has been compared to Maroon 5, John Mayer and Lenny Kravitz. He has been nominated for Best Music Video and multiple times for Best Alternative Album and Songs by Just Plain Folks. With a live show based on sounding amazing, Jody has been called a “Must See” live performer by Burst Entertainment and Music Connection magazine described him as a performer “whose performances and material show lots of skill and craft without sacrificing heart or conviction.” http://www.JodyWhitesides.com

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