Fan Art – A Dr. Floyd School Project

A dear friend of the show, Dahvi, did a whole class project on her experience at one of our live shows! We’re honored and flattered! Thanks Dahvi!

I went to a Podcast Expo where we heard about different podcasts.

Then we went to an award winning Podcast Expo.

Then we went into a hotel where we saw a new Radio Adventures Of Dr. Floyd.

It was about when Dr. Floyd and Dr. Grant had a scientific cookie debate.

The debate was about the Mother’s frosted sprinkled cookies.

Dr. Floyd thought that the pink cookies tasted different from the white and Dr. Grant thought that they all tasted the same.

Dr. Grant was right!

I was also in the show! We had a fun time!

We love Fan Art! Send your creations to:

Dr. Floyd Industries
P.O. Box 2764
Toluca Lake, CA 91610

We’ll put it up on our site for all to enjoy (and we hang them up on our fridge in the studios)!

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