EPISODE #707 “A Hare Raising Experience!”

STARRING: Peggy Etra (PuppetUp, Boston Legal), Dahvi C., Lilly G. and The Pink Tornado!

In This Episode…

At the end of Episode #706, Dr. Steve took his arm from around Dr. Floyd while they made a literature jump! Now he finds himself all alone in a strange book with no sign of Dr. Floyd! And if that wasn’t trouble enough, things are getting a bit ‘fuzzy’!

EPISODE TITLE: “A Hare Raising Experience!”
WRITTEN BY: Grant Baciocco
RECORDED AT: Dr. Floyd Studios, Burbank, CA


  • Mr. Narrator – Himself
  • Dr. Steve – Himself


  • Mrs. Rabbit – Peggy Etra
  • Flopsy – Dahvi C.
  • Mopsy – Lilly G.
  • Cotton-tail – The Pink Tornado

MUSIC BY: Jody Whitesides

VOICEMAIL LINE: (818) 332-3053 – Please get your parent’s permission before calling!

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One Response to “EPISODE #707 “A Hare Raising Experience!””

  1. Lama says:

    When this episode came out, I spoke to Grant on who’s going to draw Dr steve as Peter Rabbit. He said I could do it. and so this came up.


    I’m not sure if this got to other people, as I only put it up on facebook. but here it is on DA.