Dr. Floyd LIVE From Coverville 500 In Las Vegas!

The Radio Adventures Of Dr. Floyd had a blast performing as part of the Coverville 500 show at Bally’s Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas on August 15, 2008! Now you can hear the episode that was recorded LIVE at that show for free at www.DoctorFloyd.com! Sponsored By Comedy4Cast.com

Follow the action as Dr. Steve and Fidgert go back in time to steal the copyright for the ‘Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas’ Sign and see what plan Dr. Floyd comes up with to stop them WITHOUT going back in time himself!

EPISODE #SE023 “Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas!” – LIVE!

Sponsored By Comedy4Cast.com

And Starring Moira Quirk, Deven Green, Joel Bryant and Clinton from Comedy4Cast.com!

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  1. Jason Montgomery says:

    Great episode. I’m actually going to Vegas for the first time next week so this couldn’t have come at a better time!

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